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Installation Nice Trellis Curtains

Trellis Curtains – First, you must set the material behind the wall as a trellis curtains to be installed. Press on the wall and listen to the sound. A solid sound indicates that you can hang new trellis curtains using wall anchors and screws that are usually delivered with the device. Second, measure window with a tape measure. Make a mark on the wall with a pencil at the midway point of the window opening.

Amazing Trellis Curtains Color Red and White

Amazing Trellis Curtains Color Red and White

Third, measure at least five inches above the window, at the time pencil mark you made and make another mark. This distance ensures that you will not attempt to mount the trellis brackets on the window rough framing. Fourth, use a leveling tool and measuring tape to make further pencil marks on the wall above the corners of the window opening. Make these brands on the size of the hardware and the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Image of: Amazing Trellis Curtains Color Red and White
Image of: Amazing Trellis Curtains
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Image of: Awsome Trellis Curtains
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Image of: Wonderful Trellis Curtains

Fiveth, drill appropriate size holes in the three pencil marks. Place the anchors into the holes and press them in with a hammer. Sixth, place the trellis curtains brackets so that their holes line with anchors. Secure attachment screws to the anchors using either a Phillips-head screwdriver or a screw gun. Last, place the trellis curtains on the brackets. Slide curtain an even number of rings on each side of the trellis and the hanging curtain panels on the rings.

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