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Beer pong tables is a game of North American origin who tries to dunk ping pong balls into cups fill with beer from end of table. It is not a ping pong championship where you play relentlessly with paddle and then try to score points. It can be practiced in pairs, in teams and with a variable number of glasses in a pyramidal arrangement.

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To be able to play beer pong you have to place a beer pong tables in a room. And divide it in two by a line, rope or whatever you prefer. The idea is that both parties are identical in size. On each side of table we will find components of two teams. Both teams have same number of glasses filled with beer. There are usually six per team and they are place in a pyramidal shape. With shortest vertex being one closest to center line of table.

All tables are valid for this activity; however traditional is use of a ping pong table. Despite having easy table tennis tables, it is quite common for American students to make their own custom beer pong tables. In this way tables will have characteristics they want in relation to length, height, color, etc. Glasses that are use are preferably plastic and it is advisable to have a container with water on both sides of table to clean balls when they fall to ground.

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