How To Tile For Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

Reclaimed wood table tops get damage and tired over time. A great way to renew the table and give it a new life is to tile the top. Tile is a simple solution for worn table tops. Homeowners can deal with this project in a weekend. The result will be a unique table with lots of character and lots of life to give.

Reclaimed Wood Table Tops Review


Check the legs on the reclaimed wood table tops to ensure they are robust. Adding tiles to the top of a table will increase the weight of the table. Because you increase the weight of the legs will have to continue, it is important that the legs are steady. If the legs are not durable take appropriate action to correct them. Sand at the top of the table using a hand sander. Grinding the countertop will remove the finish and prepare the table for tile mastic. When the table is ground, use a stroke cloth to remove dust from the top of the table.

Lay the plates on reclaimed wood table tops. This helps visualize what the table will look like when it’s finish. If you need, change the tiles until you are happy with the layout. Even if you should try to find a tile size that does not need to be cut, this may not always be the case. Cut some tiles that have to be cut with tile saw. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the thin as mortar. Apply thin as the brick table using toothpaste. Rotate morsel at a 45 degree angle to make the slots in thin in and remove the extra mortar. Press plates in the mortar, releasing distances between each plate.

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