Tempered Glass Table Top: Clean A Tempered Glass Cook Top

Tempered glass table top – If the hob has just been use, allow it to cool before starting the cleaning. The advice to cool the hob is to allow time to flow. Or if you really do not have time, try to pass a piece dampened with cold water. If the dirt is difficult to remove, rinse the cloth. Soak it again in water and vinegar and brush it again until you can see that the surface is perfectly clean.

Black Tempered Glass Table Top

You can also use a normal glass or dish detergent, provided it is not aggressive. Remember that using acid products can damage the hob. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that the product is basic or neutral before using it. It is absolutely necessary to avoid flammable substances. Such as alcohol which, even though it is an excellent degreaser for glass include tempered glass table top, can dangerous on a surface that has to do with heat.

If the vapors of alcohol come into contact with a flame, it can cause a fire. After having washed the tempered glass table top of the hob as described above, let it dry. Or, if you need to use the surface a short time after cleaning, you can also dry it manually. These using the chamois leather, the one with which they normally dry the bodywork of cars and motorcycles. This is very effective and dries quickly any wet surface.

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