Rebuild Ikea Bar Table Decoration

Ikea Bar Table – The classic retro design of a half moon table will be a perfect complement to your bar, whether the decor is from the 50s or the vintage Tiki satellite. The basic table design is adaptable to a wide variety of styles and decorations. Determine the size of the table. Place some chairs around the stain you want to place on the table and see what works.

Ikea Bar Table White

An ikea bar table that is too small can be “swallowed” by its bar area, while one that is too large will be an impediment to people moving around the area. Determine the height of the table. Most of the bar tables will be at the height of a coffee table. If possible, find a table whose height you want to match, and measure from the floor to the bottom edge of the table. This will be the height of the table. Cut the legs of the table. Using the length determined in step before, cut the table legs from the 2 x 2 boards.

Use a table saw or circular saw to make sure you have a clean, flat cut on top and bottom. You will need at least three legs, placed as shown in the image. With sandpaper of medium grade, sand of your cut wood. Next, finish with progressively finer grades until all wood surfaces are smooth. Turn the ikea bar table top so that the bottom is facing up.

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