To Paint Formica Table Tops

Formica table tops – Well loved and taken care of vintage kitchen furniture can give a beautiful retro glamour to the heart of the house. Some people care a bit more than others, though, and that thrift the store finds so fabulous in the store does not always fit as well when you take it home. Painting during Formica is not difficult.

Pattern Formica Table Tops

So with some time and effort the table will look like there has always been a happy member of the family. How to paint formica table tops? Starting with use detergent and sponge to clean the table and fills to dry it. Coat the surface of Formica with sandpaper and wipe it down with filler. Fill any chips with three filler and let it dry thoroughly.

Sand the wood filler so that it is smooth and even with the table top, and then wipe off the dust. If the table has metal ornaments, use the painter’s tape to cover it. Apply bonding primer with brush. Let it dry overnight. Apply a coat of paint and let it dry thoroughly. Repeat. Let the paint dry overnight. Apply sealer and allow it to dry for at least twenty four hours before using the table. So, the new color of formica table tops was done.

formica table tops
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