To Make Tapered Table Legs

Tapered table legs – Tapered legs help add character to your table by hand. They break up the block square legs look, and you can choose from a variety of sizes to find the one that best fits your design. To make this, starting with measure the taper angle. In order to cone, one leg must be wider at one end than the other. When choosing a degree of sharpness for the cone, be sure to leave sufficient width at the bottom of the leg to support the weight of the table.

Angle Tapered Table Legs

Create or buy a jig cone to guide the cuts. There are several designs that you can use for your mask. In order to work properly, you need to be able to set the angle for the cone on the mask. And you need to work with the type of visa you plan to use to make the cuts. Adjustable giants allow you to set multiple angles on the mask. And they lock in place to prevent slippage as you work. Set the mask for the correct angle. And then place the first piece of wood for tapered table legs in the mask.

Make the cut and then rotate the leg for consecutive cuts to create a uniform cone on all sides of the leg. Repeat the process for each leg of the additional table. Determine if you want to shape your tapered legs to create a tapered look. Finish your tapered table legs to your preferences. Even if you leave a square cone, consider smoothing your legs to smooth out any roughness created during the cutting process. It is advisable to apply a stain or finish to the wood to match the table.

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