How To Make A Shabby Chic Dining Table

Shabby chic dining table – The kitchen is the center of many homes, a place of highest attraction and constant activity. It’s usually the last place family members gather before you go out and where they only end when they return home. It’s sensible to do something special for the room where everyone is hanging out. Without too much essence, you can recycle the old table to a fantastic kitchen island that gives even more family gluing because the new management center.

Shabby Chic Dining Table Unique


Place the kitchen table in the desired island location. You can achieve many new looks for your shabby chic dining table depending on your fashion taste. You can create a moving, stand-alone island on wheels, or stagnate it by nailing or gluing it to the floor. Increase the table height with it in countertops for a consistent kitchen look. Replace the table legs and add longer ones. Turn the table upside down and remove the screws and nails, and then remove the existing legs.

Cut 4-times-4 wooden posts to create new legs at the desired height. Drill holes angled in the table at the bottom of the edges, and fit new legs there with screws. Cut 2 more times-4 wooden pairs to make a frame between the four legs. Spike 2-by-4s with the legs in the lower part near the bottom. This will help secure the new sides of the island. Nail or glue the island’s legs into the floor. Measure and cut four sheets to be used for side panels on the island. Use plywood, wood panel or plaster. Covering the sides of the shabby chic dining table can make it look big and significant. Nail the panels in the legs, bottom frame and sides of the table top.

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shabby chic dining table

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