Laundry Folding Table Ideas

Laundry folding table – Any steady surface can be converted to an ironing board using a homemade table. Take some simple precautions against damage to underlying furniture and iron wherever you think it is convenient. It’s not hard to plan and build an ironing board to suit your space and needs. There are several possibilities. Choose the most suitable for your needs

Wood Laundry Folding Table


A laundry folding table requires a heat-resistant surface, a protective cover that causes the iron to slip and not stick to cover, and a support of any kind. Thermal fabric gives heat resistance. Consider fabrics intended for outdoor use as a cover material. Do not waste from old-fashioned solution of a worn sheet as a cover. Cover the table with padding as an old towel double or triple weight, followed by heat-resistant material, then the protection. Ironing board cover hooks will speed up the work.

Be careful of printing fabrics for the cover. Test fabric to colorfastness by ironing a piece of scrap cotton on it. Bleeding dyes can quickly destroy a garment. A piece of fabric that has not been painted can be a better choice. The position of support gives the greatest choice. Choose a solid base like wood, a temporary base such as heavy cardboard or choose the largest portability in a roll-up version.

Solid Base

Use a well-dried plank of wood to avoid spotting stains. A bit between 1 and 2 meters long, 8 to 12 inches wide and 1 inch thick handles. If desired, shape one end in rounded point for a traditional laundry folding table. Smooth all edges with sandpaper.

laundry folding table
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