Joy Of Butterfly Dining Table

When my mother got married, she equipp her home with a complete coordinate set of furniture. Such as a master bedroom set, a cocktail table and coffee tables, a desk for my dad. But pride and joy of her house was her butterfly dining table. It was colonial style, pine with a maple finish. And round, 70 inches wide. It came with a sheet that made it oval, and it was easy to seat twelve guests for Thanksgiving dinner.

Butterfly Dining Table And Chairs

We never live in a big house, so how does this great piece of furniture find a place inside our modest home? Mom had a certain foresight. And when it was time to choose furniture. Then she chose a butterfly dining table that would give her exactly seat she was looking for. But with built-in features that made it ideal for a house that could have limited space.

What is butterfly dining table? They are tables with a fixed central section on board, and sections with hinges on both sides that can be release when table is not in use. When lifting foldable sides of table, legs, arms or movable door supports are support. If we need a little more space for task or for a craft project, we would lift one side and slide legs of table to support table.

butterfly dining table
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12 Joy Of Butterfly Dining Table Photos