Ideal Hydraulic Massage Table

The hydraulic massage table is an essential tool for the masseuse, since most massages require a stretcher. There are numerous types of massage beds. Such as adjustable or fix height massage beds, with or without reclining areas, made of wood or aluminum, electric, hydraulic or folding. As well as massage chairs and inversion tables. The massage table is the main tool of the therapist and should be resistant, hygienic and easy to clean materials.

Best Hydraulic Massage Table

Whether it is hydraulic massage table or wellness. The patient should be perfectly comfortable according to the position required for each type of massage. The massage beds can be fix or portable. And have some adjustable parts such as backrest or total height of the stretcher. Some have face piercing to repose the face when therapy requires the patient to be on their stomach. Massage couches designed to stay in a fix place, unlike portable stretchers.

They are ideal for the consultation or aesthetic room due to their solidity, durability and comfort. This hydraulic massage table has an electric motor to adjust the elevation. The two-piece stretchers allow the motorized adjustment of the height and the backrest. The spa-type stretchers have up to three motors for height adjustment, backrest and feet.

hydraulic massage table
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12 Ideal Hydraulic Massage Table Photos