How To Repair Refrigerated Prep Table Ideas

Refrigerated prep table take more wear than almost any other surface in our homes. Used for work, play and meals, they keep up our main items and attend some of the most important moments of our lives. Due to this wear, they can be damaged and stained easily. Some of the most dangerous spots are those caused by hot items. These injuries appear as milky white swirls on the surface of the table that you cannot remove with simple purification techniques

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Moisten a refrigerated prep table or cloth in warm water and wipe away dirt. Massage butter or margarine in the heat brand. Leave butter or margarine on the stain overnight, and wipe clean in the morning. The stain should disappear with the butter. Mix olive oil with cigarette ash to form a paste. Spread paste over the stain and leave overnight. Wipe the pasta and the stain in the morning.

Put a clean towel on the area. Put your iron on low heat and iron in a circular motion. Continue ironing until the heat mark is gone. Rub the refrigerated prep table polish to the cleaned area with a soft cloth. All these cleaning methods come with matt lacquer on wooden furniture. Buff clean for a new shine.

Tips and warnings

Replace olive oil with mayonnaise for an alternative cleaning method. If the lowest setting on iron shows inefficiently, use a medium setting. Products like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can also remove heat marks. Read all instructions and warnings carefully on detergents to be sure they are safe for use on wood.

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