Hammered Coffee Table With Pretty Decor

Usually the white abounds in the Scandinavian style. And also can serve as a good blank canvas to add some brushstroke of color that cheers the stay. Bowls, glasses, candles, pretty, vases … all are worth. The most important thing: put them on a nice tray that allows us to frame them and show them order. And at the same time to remove all of them if it is necessary to clear the hammered coffee table.

Gold Cala Hammered Coffee Table    Cala Hammered Coffee Table Design

Fresh flowers are always a pleasant pleasure for sight and smell. Arrange in a nice vase in the center of the table are a sure hit. Consider the proportion of the flower arrangement and hammered coffee table. That is not excessive or you will notice that something fails. If changing every few days of flowers is an impossible task, you can put some cloth flowers sprayed with perfume or air freshener.

It does not have to be in the center of the table, as long as the proportions between the decorations are coherent and balanced with respect to the rest of the elements, and the table is not round, as we see above these lines. The vase place on top of a large slice of tree trunk is in a corner of hammered coffee table, leaving the top clear and still decorate. But not bad despite not being center. And it is thanks to the generous surface that occupies everything the arrangement, both vertical and horizontal.

hammered coffee table
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