Half Barrel Coffee Table For Your Living Room

Half barrel coffee table is usually the perfect complement to a room because they do not bother to watch TV, you can store things in them and they can be really decorative. Therefore, we think that to give more personality to your house you should have a peculiar coffee table instead of the typical ones you could find in any store. Although you do not believe this type of barrel are not difficult to find, since you can order it at any wine store or through the internet if you really want to carry out this project.

Modern Half Barrel Coffee Table

Ideas for make half barrel coffee table for your living room, the first step would be to cut the wooden barrel in half. If you want you can paint the wood or apply a product that brightens the metallic areas to give a different touch to the barrel, you can customize it as much as you want. The next step would be to build the base on which to support our barrel. For this purpose, it uses elements such as rules and wooden planks to make the marks of what would be the shape of the legs that will support the barrel.

Then for make half barrel coffee table for your living room, mount the base on the barrel. The next step is the key part of this project; we are going to make a cover for the hollow part of the barrel where afterwards you can store all kinds of things. You can put a hinges on the side to make it much easier to lift. Turn an old barrel into the perfect coffee table for your living room. Fix the board to the table and you will have your table perfectly assembled and ready to decorate your living room.

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half barrel coffee table

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