Driftwood Table Base, A Classic Updated

In the 1950s, driftwood table base was very chic and every home had at least one if not some. Some family rooms without this table, and often. If there is a living room or playroom, a couch that categories will also exist. While traditional wooden tables are always popular, the round glass coffee tables actually fit into them during this period. As modern and contemporary furniture goes back to fashion.

Driftwood Table Base For Glass Top

Currently, the round glass coffee table remains popular, primarily because it allows the room to remain open while still being a statement piece. That’s because coffee tables with glass tops or even tops and sides can break molds in terms of determining what driftwood table base should be. For example, you can buy a beautiful table that allows you to showcase your interests. Some can be as simple as a wooden or glass puddle underneath with a wide glass top on top.

If the cube is glass, you can usually add valuable collections or sculptures inside, letting people enjoy both driftwood table base and a work of art at the same time. Many people will fill the bottom with sand and shells or even create a terrarium under glass. But that’s just the beginning. Because the top glass can actually be placed above anything that can serve as a pedestal, you can buy a round glass coffee table featuring a large statue as its base.


driftwood table base
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