Dog Crate End Table Idea

Dog crate end table – dog can end tables can be almost any size to fit a dog. The plans for your end table may vary depending on the size of the dog and the end table you want to build. But the materials and techniques should be the same. Determining the right size. Dog crate must dimensioned for your dog – neither too big nor too small.

Dog Crate End Table Furniture

Ideally, the box of dog crate end table should be big enough for the dog to be able to hit a complete circle comfortably in the box. But no more than 12 inches larger than the dog at height, width or depth. The length of the table must be the length of your dog from the tip of the nose to the bottom of his tail plus 12 inches. So if the dog was 25 inches long, the box would ideally be 37 inches long.

These measurements can adjusted somewhat to make the furniture fit into the decor. But they should not vary too much. After assembly at the top of the dog crate end table, you can stain or paint the entire field. But be aware of what you use to decorate it with as some paints. Such as metallic paint, can poisonous and dogs may be known to chew.

dog crate end table
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12 Dog Crate End Table Idea Photos