Diy Tree Stump Side Table

Tree stump side table – To do tree stump side table is not difficult. Just starting with wipe out the stump if it is damp. Or it has been exposed to the elements after cutting so that it throats outer bark that is already loose. Use the dry time to allow critter residents to leave the ship, too. Bring the blunt inside after its dry so it adapts to your house temperature.

Upcycled Tree Stump Side Table

Use protective gloves and use a hammer and wide-mouth metal spackle tool to loosen and remove the rest of the stump bark. Use your belt sanders or sandpaper to methodically work around the blunt, smooth wood. Then, use a level to control both the bottom and the top. So the tree stump side table page does not look skewed due to an uneven base.

Remove dust and particles displaced by the grinding process with a damp cloth. Add three or more legs to the bottom of your blunt tree stump side table. Drill holes at the bottom of the blunt. Use parentheses packed with the legs to attach them. Apply a spot in a complementary color to Stub and Leg, if the table page needs a color boost. Allow the stain to dry before adding a sealer that protects the tree over time.

tree stump side table
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12 Diy Tree Stump Side Table Photos