Different Idea To Make Your Bedside Table Lamps

Get some bedside table lamps original and according to decor of your room is easy. Or at least let’s try to make it so with this little compilation. For nighttime mestia you can use lamps as they are sold in any store. But we also give you ideas to do at home. Some of these ideas can be carry out by buying a bulb socket with cable and switch.

Bedside Table Lamps Bedroom

Use a spray of some metallic color and paint a flexo. Take care to cover well parts you do not want to paint (with special care in area where bulb is place). Once you have flexo painted with color that best fits your decoration you can fix it on wall. Doing this has advantage that bedside table lamps will be clearer. And you will have a light that comes from above (better to read).

Third option that we propose is to put a ceiling lamp … but hang up to bed. You will have to look for a cable that is beautiful and a not very powerful bulb, because you can not direct light to any specific point. If you have a lot of confidence in your skills when it comes to cutting wood you can try to make a hole in it. If you do it size of bulb socket you can fit it and it will be fasten. A different idea to make your bedside table lamps!

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