Decorate Eames Side Table

Eames side table are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. But finding the exact table that matches your needs often becomes obsolete and expensive. Decorate an existing sideboard or one from a frugal store using a creative painting method to make a cute and cheap option that suits your home decor needs.

Eames Side Table Unique


An Eames side table is both cute and functional. Paint the legs and the sides of the table which color matches your Rooms decor. When the paint dries, paint on the table with the blackboard color. It comes in both splash and brushes on forms, so choose the one that suits you best. After the color dries, use chalk to write notes or draw pictures at the top of the table.


In a safari-themed room, paint an Eames side table with animal print. Choose between zebra, leopard or tiger. Follow traditional color combinations, such as orange and black for a tiger or yellow and black for the leopard or create a fun twist on the color scheme to add pop of color. For example, in a girl’s bedroom, use pink and black for zebra stripes.

For a more whimsical animal theme room, paint the tables to look like animals. When the paint dries, paint the face of a lion on top of the table using acrylic paints. Use a staple gun to attach some cheat coat around the top edge to create a man and add a fabric tail to the back of the table, if desired.

eames side table
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