How To Clean Acrylic Nesting Tables

Acrylic nesting tables is used to make table tops susceptible to fingerprints and similar brands to the toboggan. If a glass slice is self-cleaning for a while, it can also develop a film from dust and debris in the air that accumulates on the surface. If your glass table has a dirt film on it, you can clean the film from the table with standard cleaning items, but you should be aware of the protective coating on many glass tables.

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Use a mild soap, such as detergent, instead of glass cleaner on your acrylic nesting tables. In general, dish soaps are strong enough to cut all fat or dirt on the table, but gentle enough not to interfere with any coating that can protect the table. Just add enough detergent to a bowl of water to get bubbles. Wipe the table with soap and water every time you eat. This prevents dust and debris in the air from having a chance to form a movie on the table.

Use a soft cloth or sponge and scrub sticky areas or places where debris caked on. Avoid using any loose material that damages any coating on the acrylic nesting tables and can actually scratch the glass. Remove the soap from the table by wiping the table down with a wet cloth. Then wipe the table down with a dry cloth. Pay particular attention to areas where the soap has built up and rub hard with a cloth to remove any residue. This should remove any leftovers of the movie from the table.

Tips and warnings

They recommend adding vinegar to soapy water to get a strip free of glass.

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