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Marble bistro table – Adding a custom marble table is an easy way to get refinement to your home decor. After a trip to the furniture store, however, sticker may shock deter your decorator instincts. Building your own table from a marble disc is a costly method to satisfy your finances as well as your personal aesthetic. With a rugged base and a marble disc, your marble table can be quickly built for a weekend.

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Measure the space for the marble bistro table. The available space and the type of table desired determine the size of the plate. For example, a bar or bistro table is usually square, measuring between 24 and 42 inches. A dining table is usually 36-42 inches wide and 36-80 inches tall. Contact your local stone farm or countertop fabricator. Remains of marble slabs are sometimes available for up to half the retail price. The colors and sizes are usually limited; But the cost savings to compensate for the slight choice.

Select a metal base for your marble bistro table. Metal ropes and DIY kits are available through local retailers, mail order catalogs and second-hand stores. A base should comprise at least three quarters of the bottom of the plate to avoid accidental tipping. Place the marble disc up and down on a flat surface. Center the metal base on the plate. Mark the holes of the bolts on the underside of the plate. Remove the base.

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The stone farm or Fabricator can finish the sides of the marble slab, which gives a smooth, rounded or bullnose edge. The seller can also drill bullet holes in the bottom of the plate according to your pattern. Constant wrought iron table bases are available at shipyard sales, architectural salvage stores and online.

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