Build An Adjustable Antique Drafting Table

Antique drafting table can be adjusted in two ways. In these models, the top is a separate part that may be inclin. The top is attached with a piano hinge along the edge towards the user. The rear edge, edge at the top of the user, is raise or down to the desire angle and held in place with a support club or other hardware. Height-adjustable tables can be built from a plan or created using finished parts.

Antique Drafting Table Drawer

Drawing board components

The base or leg in the antique drafting table is often called the frame. These can be stationary, pneumatic or manually adjustable. The need for a powerful four-dimensional frame is important. This does not necessarily mean four separate legs, but means four points of contact with floor or a length of contact and a stabilization bar connects both sides. The ability to adjust the worktop can cause the table to become unstable due to a large amount of gravity leaning in one direction. The more stable floor contact is the more solid preparation table

Smooth table surface

Table tops can be solid wood, laminated wood or melamine. Solid wood or laminate wood should have an antique drafting table cover or vinyl cover applied throughout the top. Companies that make this type of coverage include Barco and Alvin who make the product known as vice. The lid allows for smooth drawing surface. Unprotected wood can cause paper to be puncture or broken.

antique drafting table
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