Big Advantages Inversion Therapy Table

The inversion therapy table is design to relieve the pressure on the spine thanks to the gravity itself. Hanging upside down or at an angle where the head is lower than the feet relieve pressure and pain from the spine. Exercise with investment charts is not recommended if you have hypertension, glaucoma or heart disease. An inversion chart helps relieve back pain in general.

About Inversion Therapy Table

Exercise is similar to stretching the spine and reducing the pressure on the discs. The severity that has compresse the spine is reverse, which may have cause pinche nerves. After the exercise the joints may have suffered tension, especially in high impact training. The inversion therapy table, in addition to relieving pain, stretch and lengthen the muscles. This is cause by spinal compression; the inversion prevents this process by stretching the spine.

In addition, the investment corrects slight misalignments caused by unilateral activities such as golf. The inversion, when hanging upside down, helps eliminate waste from the lymphatic system, such as lactic acid or other waste that can cause pain. The inversion therapy table helps the process of blood circulation , helps to decongest the organs and stimulates the lymphatic system, causes the fluid flow to increase, thus helping to eliminate waste.

inversion therapy table
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