Beautiful Petrified Wood Coffee Table

Always keep in mind that the eye likes filling holes. And then if you cannot fill them, it will make you feel uncomfortable. With the feeling that something is missing or left over. If you comply with this, the decoration of petrified wood coffee table will be harmonious. Taking into account that we are talking about the decoration of the coffee table in a Nordic environment, simplicity and elegance have to be present.

Old Petrified Wood Coffee Table

Whether symmetrical and asymmetrically arrange, simplicity is our best asset. Choose a beautiful piece: a vase with flowers, a large candle, a few books, some branches or tree trunk, a candelabra. It will be easy to remove, when necessary and sufficient to decorate petrified wood coffee table. As you well know, in decoration, the odd ones win over the peers. It’s funny but the eye likes the odd; I explain:

If there is only one element in the decoration of petrified wood coffee table, there is a risk that. Either because of its proportion or the fact of being alone, it is boring, lacking. If there are two elements on the table, the eye likes it. Because symmetry usually provides order, but it is too static. However, odd elements, whether 3, 5, 7 or sum and follow, offers dynamism, a scene with fluidity where the eye goes from one place to another, has a certain route.

petrified wood coffee table
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12 Beautiful Petrified Wood Coffee Table Photos