American Heritage Pool Table Restoration

American Heritage Pool Table – Antique pool tables are part of the American culture. The appeal of the pool of players and spectators dates back to the 19th century and continues strong today. Antique pool tables are distinguishably unique, for the older ones they were of great detail as detailed in the design as pieces of furniture. Some are pretty nice, and they are the focal point of a room. Walk around the antique pool table and look for damage.

American Heritage Pool Table Review

You should be looking for any shellac or paint that is not original to the table. Old lacquer and paint often traps dust and dulls the finish of old wood, especially as it ages. Most antique american heritage pool table was made of carved wood, some beautifully designed and intricate, and trapped dust and dirt can ruin beauty. Remove the old shellac or varnish. Strip the wood in the structure and legs down to its natural condition, using paint thinner or varnish solvent.

The bottom of the american heritage pool table above the legs is where the frame is located. You may need the inside of the frame to be re-align if the wood is deforming and repainting. If there are natural details hand painting on your old pool table structure and you do not want to lose the original detail. You have to apply the varnish remover thoroughly in a minor amount and with a light touch when rubbing.

pool table restoration
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12 American Heritage Pool Table Restoration Photos