Affordable Dog Grooming Table Arm

A dog grooming table arm raises level of your furry friend so that he can easily reach for bathing, peeling, drying or grooming. Unfortunately, most commercial dog grooming tables are expensive. And while they do not have professional hairdresser a quality surface. They can cost more money than owner of a normal dog wants to spend. Fortunately, you can make your own homework table for use at home with some supplies.

Adjustable Grooming Table Arm

Choose an adjustable grooming table arm if several sized dogs will use board or if you have a puppy that will grow. Toilet arms come in all sizes and prices, but most important factor is that yours will be long enough, when extended, when you reach top of your dog’s head when you are sitting or standing on table. Position table where your dog can easily step on it, especially if it is a large breed dog. It is possible to raise a small dog to table, but that is not feasible for heavy dogs.

Keep all your supplies in immediate vicinity before starting to wash or prepare your dog. Once it is on table, it should never be farther than distance of an arm for safety. Never leave a dog alone on grooming table arm. Toilet tables work because they raise dog, and it will still rise because it does not want to fall. However, some dogs try to jump from table, so they should be right next to table at all times.

dog grooming table arm
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12 Affordable Dog Grooming Table Arm Photos